Monday, May 3, 2010

Why helentoons?

I know that many of my friends look at my blog, but most of my visitors I have never met. And you may be thinking "Oh this girl is all sugar and spice." But the truth is that a major reason I draw and share helentoons is because I am trying to remember and dwell on the beautiful things in life while sometimes expressing that heart ache and frustration that are common among all people. I want to send out something positive out into this world. Sometimes I feel very overwhelmed in my inability to do anything to help solve problems or make life easier for others and myself. I hope that my drawings make people feel good, smile, laugh or maybe just feel like they are not alone.

Who ever you are who is reading this "YOU ARE AWESOME!"

1 comment:

Agi said...

Thank you helentoons for sharing your positive insights on life!♥
Please blog more often. I really do enjoy reading your blogs and admiring your drawings.